Mecosta County Assessors Association

Minutes 4-28-08

Mecosta Township

Meeting called to order at 1:00pm by chair Ruth Chapman

Units present: Austin, Hinton, Millbrook, Mecosta, Big Rapids Twp, Aetna, Martiny, Colfax, Deerfield, County Eq. dept., Pat McCall-Guest speaker Steve Lobert

Minutes from 11-28-07 approved as printed

Treasurers report: Balance on hand 1,389.37

Board of review publishing to pioneer was $883.20 and has been paid

Steve Lobert gave presentation on trusts.

May 13th class, we have about 70 people signed up, there is no charge for room at the City

Moved by Strong supported by Lucas to have Kenn get refreshments for, class all ayes

Moved by McClelland supported by Lucas to bill units $75.00 for Board of review Publication/Dues, all ayes

Question was brought up if we could remind the State not to schedule tribunal hearings the week of Board of Review, Ruthy will contact MAA and follow up with this.

Dual P.R.E. (4640) was discussed, many questions few answers

Question about maps and cost to update them, Shila said that she will be sending out a questioner soon.

Question from State about Tax Management Associates- all agreed that State wasted time and $ on P.R.E. audit from TMA.

Pat stated that 14 point review is still happening but there are not any in Mecosta County this year.

Next meeting June 9th 2008, 1:00pm at Mecosta County Services Building

Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm


Kenn Vredenburg

Mecosta County Assessors Assn.