Mecosta County Assessors Association

Monday August 4th 2008

Mecosta County Services Building


Meeting called to order @ 1:00pm by Sec. Kenn Vredenburg

Units present: Millbrook, Hinton, Wheatland, City of B.R., Eq. Dept., Big Rapids Twp, Austin, Morton, and regional rep Pat McCall.

Moved by Lucas Support by McClelland to accept minutes as printed, all ayes,

Treasurers report: Balance on hand $2,468.01

Old Business: all dues have been paid

New Business:

Lucas had question on comparables and forms available for them

Lengthy discussion on mathew gas and 14 point review, Pat suggested that he would put on a class pertaining to the 14 point review at next meeting.

Cost to update maps was discussed, Shila is still working on this

Question on putting information on county web site for free viewing- was concluded that this is not something that would be happening at this time.

Interest on summer taxes goes to unit which it is collected for not to collecting unit

Question on Bylaws, Sec will dig them out and bring to next meeting


Next meeting, will try to get Dept of Saftey Room at city for a presentation from Pat on 14 point review.

Adjourned at 2:40pm




Kenn Vredenburg