Mecosta County Assessors Association

April 27th , 2009

Martiny Township

Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm at the Martiny Township Hall by chair Ruth Chapman

Units present: Austin, Aetna, Big Rapids Twp., Mecosta, Morton, Green, Grant, Millbrook, Hinton, Colfax, Martiny, Deerfield, Chippewa, Wheatland, Co. Eq. Dept., State ACD., County Commissioner Ray Stienke.

Moved by Strong Supp by McNatt to approve minutes as printed, all ayes

Treasurers Report, Balance on hand $2,377.93

Went over bulletins from the State Tax Commission

DNR Values should be reported on column F on form 4626

Harold Anderson is no longer with the Tax Commission

Moved by Strong Support by McClelland to adopt updated By Laws with corrections, all ayes, carried

Board of Review school, maybe look at Chipp Hills Schools next time for better parking and room. We need to see if Montcalm is going to have one in 2010.

May 14th class is filled up, 9-4, New, Loss and Addittions

Ruth will look for a date for an October class for Land Values

Appointed Eq. Department as our Legislative Liaison.

Billboard appeals from Lamar, See Shila if you are interested

Eq. Depart. Will begin doing P.R.E. audits beginning this October

Will try to get BSA to put on demo for .net at next meeting

Next Meeting will be on Monday July 27th, 2009 at Mecosta Township hall

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm


Kenn Vredenburg