Mecosta County Assessors Association

January 25th 2010

Morton Township

Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm by chair Ruth Chapman

Units Present: Aetna, Austin, Wheatland, Mecosta, Millbrook, Hinton, Colfax, Martiny, Deerfield, Morton, Eq. Depart., State ADC, Grant, Green, Big Rapids Twp.

Moved by Lucas supported by Strong to approve October minutes as printed, all ayes motion carried.

Treasure report, Balance on hand $3,284.47

Old Business:

Board of Review School, Moved by Strong support by Hanford to pay Marty Marshal $300.00 for BOR instructor fee. All ayes, motion carried

P.R.E. Audits, discussion on audits and P.R.E. denials, it was suggested that denials need to be sent to Treasurer and Assessor.

New Business:

Discussion on Alpena decision on uncapping, Shila suggested that you uncapp as usual and let them take you to the Tribunal.

Legislative update-Changes to Treasury were discussed

Pat went over mini review guidelines for all in attendance, and discussed DNR PILT properties.

Election of Officers; Moved by Lucas supported by Spalo to leave officers the same excluding Trustee seat of Gary Moore. All ayes, motion carried

Moved by Strong supported by McNatt to have Lucas serve as trustee in place of Gary Moore. All ayes, motion carried.

Chair - Ruth Chapman

Vice Chair - Jerrilynn Strong

Sec/Treas. - Kenn Vredenburg

Trustee - Lisa Finch

Trustee - Charles Lucas

PTA’s- Question on collection for PTA’s after the 45 days-- was suggested that first class mail would be sufficient

Education - BSA “unleashing the power of your database” Ruth will look into what it would cost and where we could have a class up here for this.

Discussion on personal property- there is no minimum $ amount for the Roll

Discussion on P.R.E. Vacant parcels

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm

Next Meeting April 26th 2010 Big Rapids Township Hall, Shila will go over Land Maps and E.C.F. analysis.

Kenn Vredenburg

Sec/Treas Mecosta County Assessors Association