Mecosta County Assessors Association

April 25th 2011

Aetna Township Hall

Meeting Called to order by chair Ruth Chapman at 1:10 pm

Units Present: Mecosta, Austin, Aetna, Big Rapids Twp., Martiny, Morton, Millbrook, Colfax, Deerfield, Wheatland, Fork, Hinton, Co. EQ Dept.

Moved by Strong, Support by McClellend to accept January minutes as Printed, all ayes motion carried.

Treasurers Report, Balance as of 4-2-2011: $1,777.32

Moved by Lucas, support by Finch to accept treasurers report, all ayes, carried

Old Business:

Moved by Strong, supported by Lucas to contact Barbara Vangelden for 2012 BOR School, all ayes motion carried

New Business:

Went over STC Bullitens, discussion on Taxmaps, GSI, Shila will try to follow up on this.

Went over USPAP information and quiz material

Next meeting July 25th 2011 at Deerfield Twp. Hall 1:00 pm

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm


Kenn Vredenburg

Mecosta County Assessor Association