Mecosta County Assessors Association
October 24th, 2011 Minutes


Meeting Called to order by chair Ruth Chapman at 1:00pm

Units represented: Austin, Aetna, Morton, Hinton, Big Rapids Twp., Fork, Sheridan, Wheatland, Mecosta,
Millbrook, County Eq., State ACD, County Commission.

Treasurers report: Balance $3,221.77
Moved by Strong Support by Finch to accept treasurers report and minutes as printed, all ayes, motion carried

Old Business:
           March BOR class- Barbara will do class on February 11, 2012 at Chipp Hill HS. Should mail out invites sometime in mid December.
          Shila may do class on Land Values/ E.C.F. in early August next year, will finalize after we talk with Larry on when he may be able to do a State Mandate Class.

New Business:
           Moved by Strong Support by McClelland to move MCAA Meetings to 2nd Monday of Month, January, April, July, October,  all ayes, motion carried
    Discussion on appeal hearings and when the schedule them.
     Discussion on unsold parcels from the State
    January meeting will be election of officers

Co. Eq Report:
        Apportionment reports are done.
        County will be upgrading to .Net next year

Public Comment: none

Next Meeting will be January 9th, 2012 at Green Township Hall

Meeting Adjourned at 2:40pm


Kenn Vredenburg
Mecosta County Assessors Association