Mecosta County Assessors Association
Minutes April 8th, 2013

Meeting called to order by Chair at 1:00 pm at the Mecosta  Township Hall

Units represented: Mecosta, Morton, Aetna, Austin, Deerfield, Colfax, Martiny, Hinton, Green, Chippewa, Wheatland, Fork, Sheridan, Co. Eq.

Moved by Lucas Support by  Spalo to accept Minutes and Treasurer reports as printed. All ayes

Treasurers Balance  3-25-2013,  $  2,458.23

Old Business:     Tim Schnell will be doing a Class in late Sept or early October on Legislative court cases,
Ruthy is working on getting this set up with Tim.

Shila will do a class on PRE & Qualified Ag early August, we will not charge for the class.

GIS: Shila is still working on it, more after Equalization.

New Business:      No New Legislative updates
   Discussion on Record Cards and Retention
  Remember to file L-4646
 All PRE after L-4025’s should be made as an assessors adjustment, County would like any assessors adjustments and PRE’s to them by   June 1st.
MAA Spring School 1st of May

Next Meeting will be Monday July 8, 2013 @ Deerfield Twp Hall, 1:00 pm



Kenn Vredenburg
Mecosta Co. Assessors Assn.