March 18, 2009 7:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by John Boyd Jr.


Pledge to the flag was given.


Roll Call-John Boyd Jr, Greg Babbitt, John Johnson, Beth Carr, Arturo Pierera and Helen Burden Deputy Treasurer. Absent Carolyn Towsley.


Additions to the Agenda- None


Approval of the Agenda- Greg Babbitt moved that the Agenda be approved supported by Arturo Pierera


Approval of the Minutes-1 correction in paragraph 3 2nd page to read The First Responders have been busy in December

Greg Babbitt moved approval of amended correction supported by Arturo Pierera. Motion Carried


Treasurers report and bills-Balance in Fire Fund-$9024.05-First Responders $5076.75 , Firemens Fund $1,022.23

Outstanding bills for Fire Department $20.30  Report Approved


Old Business

ISO Update –The letter has been received from Consumers exempting us from the 50 year drought study. So now we can proceed with paperwork to the Chicago office.

Officer Election-John Boyd had a discussion with Risk Management[Cindy White]  after ready SOG  #4 after discussion it was moved by John Johnson and supported by Arturo Pierera to nominate Marv Bell for Fire Chief [2009-March 31, 2011.Roll Call vote John Johnson yes, Arturo Pierera yes, Greg Babbitt yes, John Boyd Jr., yes and Beth Carr yes Motion Carried. A motion by Greg Babbitt and supported by John Johnson to table other officer positions until the May meeting all ayes Motion Carried. A motion by John Boyd Jr. to cutoff date of applications April 30, 2009.  supported by John Johnson All Ayes Motion Carried

New Business

 Budget Settlement- moved by Greg Babbitt to move $1,610.00 from new equipment account and put $10.00 in payroll, $200.00 in hall expense $1,400.00 in truck expense supported by Arturo Pierera Roll Call Greg Babbitt yes,Arturo yes John Boyd Jr, yes John Johnson yes and Beth Carr yes Motion Carried. I t was suggested that $600.00 be designated as Jaws account. A motion by John Boyd Jr. and supported by Greg Babbitt to use 2009-2010 budget overview as settlement amounts for the First Responders. It was moved by Beth Carr that the year end balance of the First Responder account be moved to a CD supported by Greg Babbitt all Ayes Motion Carried  Roll Call John Boyd Jr, yes, Greg Babbitt yes, John Johnson yes, Arturo Pierera yes and Beth Carr yes Motion Carried

New Budget 2009-2010 for Fire Department $70,000.00 wages 24,000.00, payroll tax 1,750.00, office supplies 700.00, postage and freight 450.00, publications 100.00, Truck expense 4,000.00, firefighter expense 9,000.00, attorney 150.00, audit 300.00, training 1,400.00, insurance 14,000.00, utilities 7,700.00, equipment repair 1,000.00, hall expense 1,200.00. promotions 1,500.00, Misc 1,022,00, New equipment 1,728.00

First Responders-$14,025.00-payroll 7,000.00, payroll taxes 600.00, supplies 350.00, medical expense 50.00, office supplies 300.00, postage and freight 75.00, truck expense 500.00, fuel 800.00, other expenses 350.00, training 1,500.00, equipment repair 500.00 , new equipment 2,000.00.

Fire Board Meeting were set as odd months 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 pm at the Firehall.

Fire Chiefs Report-See attached report

Safety and Training Report-See attached report

Maintenance Report- See attached report

The First Responders asked for permission to purchase a pulse oximeter/co2. John Johnson made a motion not to exceed $1,500.00 to purchase and taken out of the CD supported by Greg Babbitt.Roll Call John Johnson yes, Greg Babbitt yes, John Boyd JR. yes Arturo Pierera yes, and Beth Carr yes Motion Carried

Request by Chairman John Boyd to send year end reports to each Township

Discussion on year end goals

Brief Public Comment-Chairman Boyd requested that Beth and Carolyn send minutes and financials to Phil Hanford Supervisor Mecosta Township

Announcements-Chief Bell will have surgery March 31 Good Luck Marv

The next meeting will be May 20,2009 at 7:30 at the Firehall

Adjournment -8:55 pm

Submitted by Helen Burden, Acting Secretery