May 20, 2009 6:30 PM


Present for reviewing applicants for Maintenance Captain were John Boyd, Jr., Greg Babbitt, Elizabeth Carr and Carolyn Towsley.  Marv Bell was also present for the interviews.  We interviewed Steven J. Cook and Michael J. Owen.


The Mecosta-Austin Fire Board meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by John Boyd Jr.


Pledge to the flag was given.


Roll Call-John Boyd Jr, Greg Babbitt, Elizabeth Carr, and Carolyn Towsley. Absent. John Johnson and Arturo Pierera


Additions to the Agenda- None


Approval of the Agenda- Greg Babbitt moved that the Agenda be approved supported by Carolyn Towsley. Motion carried.


Approval of the Minutes-Greg Babbitt moved approval of minutes as submitted supported by Elizabeth Carr. Motion carried


Treasurers report and bills-Firemen Checking $66,766.19 – Firemen Fund $974.83   Independent Bank   $14,800.03   Total Assets $82,541.05.

First Responders Checking $3,019.60   Independent Bank $5,078.35   Total Assets  $8,097.95.  

Outstanding bills for Fire Department are $3,916.11.  Report was accepted as given.  Elizabeth noted that the Holton’s bill had a $635 credit from last year and that the new budget plan contract has been signed and returned.


Old Business

ISO Update –Paperwork for the Chicago office is in the mill.  Equipment needs to be updated (lights, tarp, smooth bore nozzle, clamps) and the expected expenses will be $1,800 which was budgeted for.  Most of the equipment has been purchased.  Everything must be in place and operating properly before inspection.  This is very time consuming.  It is hoped that by July meeting paperwork will have been submitted.  When ISO sets their date it will be mandatory.  One day will be for inspection and another day for the test.  They would like to make it a training meeting so we can pay the crew when we do the test.

Officer Election-Greg Babbitt moved that after review of applicants’ resume and the Fire Chief input that we elect Allan Brennen Assistant Fire Chief, Ron Palmer Training and Safety Captain and Michael Owen Maintenance Captain from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2011 supported by Carolyn Towsley.  All Ayes Motion Carried


New Business

Fire Chiefs Report-See attached report.  Morton Township is doing well on handling calls in their new boundary region.

Safety and Training Report-See attached report.  Ron Palmer submitted a bill for $220 for the FFI & II Spring 2009 Class.

Maintenance Report- See attached report. 

Other Information - Tracy Wester is working on becoming a fire responder.  She has attended three meetings, but not consecutive.  Greg Babbitt moved to allow the Fire Department to put Tracy Wester on as a fire responder pending a background check supported by Elizabeth Carr.  Motion carried.  She will be probationary until she passes her Fire Fighters 1 class.  Ingrid has left and all her equipment is accounted for.  Marv Bell is officially back on duty on Monday.  Ron Palmer presented a pie chart which outlines last year’s fire department activities.  It is ready to submit to the State when requested.  Greg Babbitt asked if one could be made for first responder activities also.  Ron Palmer told him it could be done.  Mecosta Township Residents have a yearly picnic which our fire department usually participates.  However, this year is will be at the Stanwood Eagles.  Staff is not comfortable with the family function location and do not feel that MAFD should support.  This will be checked into further, but since this is not a mandatory function, we may not participate.  Fire department representatives also asked to be included in the planning stages of the Mecosta Township master plan.

Brief Public Comment-Carolyn Towsley thanked the fire department for the magnolia tree. 

Announcements-Fire Department will participate in the memorial program at the Canadian Lakes Castle.

The next meeting will be July 15, 2009 at 7:00 at the Firehall

Adjournment -8:10 pm

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Carolyn Towsley, Secretery