September 16, 2009 7:00 PM

The Mecosta-Austin Fire Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by John Boyd Jr.

Pledge to the flag was given.

Roll Call-John Boyd Jr,, Arturo Pierera, Elizabeth Carr, and Carolyn Towsley. Greg Babbit arrived shortly after the meeting opened. Absent. John Johnson.

Additions to the Agenda- Under New Business: Ron Palmer - 4) SOG and Carolyn Towsley - 5) Countywide battery exchange program.

Approval of the Agenda- Elizabeth Carr moved that the Agenda be approved as amended supported by Arturo Pierera. Motion carried.

Approval of the Minutes-Arturo Pierera moved approval of minutes as submitted supported by Elizabeth Carr. Motion carried

Treasurers report and bills-Firemen Checking $57,660.67– Firemen Fund $949.97 Independent Bank $14,830.71 Total Assets $73,441.35.

First Responders Checking $6,503.10 Independent Bank $5,087.96 Total Assets $11,591.06.

Elizabeth Carr did not have a copy of the bills which have been paid since last meeting. However, she did have a list of all bills paid since the beginning of the year. She had highlighted truck expenses and needed those to be reviewed to verify if they were being charged to the correct account since the truck expenses account is over its budget. They decided to move the Freightliner bill to equipment repair (336-930). It was mentioned that individual accounts may be over their budget, but need to keep an eye on the bottom line staying balanced. Marv said that there will be more equipment expenses this year for ladder, pump and flow testings and added that every 5 years the flow testing is a major review and will cost more. Ron Palmer pointed out that this year they have had 10 more runs than last year. Elizabeth Carr also noted that the audit fund was used more this year because we had to have Kandi Accounting fix the Quickbook program. Report was accepted as given.

Old Business

ISO Update –The package was mailed to the Chicago office after it was signed on August 26, 2009. It took a while to compile all of the material from the other fire departments in the area. But it has been completed and mailed. John Boyd, Jr. will give them until the end of the month before he will call to follow up on the status of the application.

New Business

Fire Chief’s Report-See attached report. Truck alternator went out on the Freightliner. They had to purchase it directly from Freightliner. It cost $1,700 and they put it on the truck themselves. Since then they have gotten costs from others in the area to rebuild the broken one so that it can be ready if this happens again. Grant can rebuild it in one day and a new one would cost $1,250. Then the rear brake

chamber went out on the same truck. 80 people came to the pancake breakfast. Pancake breakfasts are set for the Sunday after Labor Day. Pig roast is set for October 10, the Saturday following fire prevention week. They will need to ask for donations at the pig roast since attendance at the pancake breakfast was low, which normally funds the pig roast. Physicals will be in October or November and Marv will call for a date. Hose testing is the same day of the battery exchange, October 31. Battery exchange will be from 12:00-3:00 PM.

Safety and Training Report-See attached report

Maintenance Report- This was discussed under the Fire Chief’s Report.

Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG) – Under new members the Fire Department wants to add two subsections: a) New members that already have Firefighter I Certification shall be on a minimum 1 year probationary period. For 90 days only their rate of pay shall be $4.00 less than a non-probationary Firefighter. b) Probationary pay for non-certified firefighter shall be $4.00 per hour less than pay given Certified Firefighters. The reason is because too often someone is trained with our dollars and gear purchased and then they leave. Hopefully this amendment will deter this action. Discussion resulted in having the wording fixed to note in a) that the $4.00 is per hour and under b) that probationary pay for non-certified firefighters will be until they have obtained their certification and have completed the 90 days after certification as stated in a). Also it should be checked to see if this is a fair labor practice. John Boyd, Jr. moved that we revisit this issue at the November business meeting and supported by Carolyn Towsley. Carried.

Countywide Battery Exchange – Carolyn Towsley brought up the suggestion of a countywide battery exchange program to be reviewed by the fire departments in the area. Marv Bell will take this to the next fire chiefs’ meeting which is the second Thursday of every other month. Next meeting will be November 12 at Morton Township. Also at that time they will discuss the idea of a countywide or regional recycling program. Mecosta Township does the recycling program the first Saturday in May.

MF Fire Report – There is now a countywide report format in place for reporting. All fire and first responder personnel will be given free of charge a H1N1 vaccination. If anyone doesn’t want one, they will have to sign a waiver.

N95 masks have been ordered. However, they may need to be used more than one time until vaccinations have been received. These N95 masks will need to last 20 days for 4 people in each truck. State has a hold on them now and when they are released they will be given to larger cites down to small jurisdictions.

Money coming in for runs disbursement should be $1,354.06.

Other – It was agreed that the broken alternator should be rebuilt and put on the shelf for future use. But will wait see how the budget looks later in the year before doing this.

Ron Palmer asked to purchase 20 uniform badges and it was determined that this could be covered under the Misc – Firemen’s account (336-956).

It was asked for Elizabeth to check the insurance policy to see if it would cover the loss of a pager. To replace it will cost about $450-$500.

Ron Palmer informed the Board that Ice Mountain will be providing $1,500 for promotions this year. It will be give in two increments, $750 now and $750 around January 1. Ice Mountain also told Ron

Palmer that he needs to put in a request for $3,000 funding for next year by February. So with the smaller funding this year they downsized the amount of promotion supplies which cost $1,100.

Brief Public Comment - A smokehouse will be brought in the week after fire prevention week. It will be in Morley for two days and Stanwood for two days. It will cost $200-$300 for each location.

John Boyd, Jr. mentioned that upcoming activities need to be advertised early and to let the townships know about them. Carolyn Towsley also re-emphasized John’s comment because we would like to have this information posted on the township’s website.

The next meeting will be November 18, 2009 at 7:00 at the Firehall

Adjournment -8:05 pm

Submitted by

Carolyn Towsley, Secretary