Mecosta Austin Fire Board


July 20, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Chairman John Boyd.


Pledge to the flag was given.


Roll Call: John Boyd; Phil Hanford; Elizabeth G. Carr; and Carolyn Towsley. Absent - Greg Babbitt; and Arturo Pierera


Additions to the Agenda – Under New Business: 5) Truck 321; 6) Seal Coat and 7) Compressor.


Approval of Agenda – Phil Hanford moved that the Agenda be approved as amended.  Supported by Elizabeth Carr.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes – Under VII add:  “Phil Hanford moved to create an AMENDED BUDGET ACCOUNT FOR 2011-2012 number 971 Capital Outlay…”  Phil Hanford moved the minutes be approved as corrected.  Supported by Elizabeth Carr.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Elizabeth Carr noted that the Capital Outlay account was put into this year’s budget; that last year’s fire fund profit has been moved to the fire department’s money market account and that the first responders’ money market was closed with the balance moved to their checking account. 

Firemen Checking $53,638.14– Firemen Fund $915.47   Independent Bank $8,236.78  Total Assets $62,790.39.  As of June 30, 2011.

First Responders Checking $10,621.87 as of June 30, 2011.


John Boyd said the report would be accepted as presented.


Carolyn Towsley moved to approve the bills.  Phil Hanford seconded.  Roll Call: Phil Hanford – yea; Elizabeth Carr – yea; Carolyn Towsley – yea; and John Boyd – yea.  Motion carried.


Public Comment – None.


Old Business

Election of Fire Board Members – John Boyd nominated Carolyn Towsley and Elizabeth Carr.  Phil Hanford seconded the nomination.  Roll Call: Phil Hanford – yea; Elizabeth Carr – yea; Carolyn Towsley – yea; and John Boyd – yea.  Carried.


SOG Language – Language on SOG #4 needs to be changed on the election of officers.  John Boyd asked Al Brennan to have the change for the next Fire Board meeting.  The Fire Chief will be appointed on January 1 of odd years and the election of officers will be on the even years each to serve two years.  Chief and officers will assume offices on April 1.  Any interest in a position needs to be expressed by signing up on a posting or submitting a resume to the Fire Board no later than the 2nd Wednesday in January of an even year.  It was also suggested that the interview panel should consist of 3 fire fighters with at least 5 years experience, 3 fire board members and the fire chief.


High Speed Internet Update – There was no action again this month.  John Boyd will contact Frontier and Charter.  Elizabeth Carr will contact WildBlue.  We will pay Net Port for two more months.  It was discussed that Frontier and Verizon are looking at expanding in this area.  Charter has recently installed fiber optic to L&L Lumber.  John will check into costs of hooking up to that system.


6X6 Trucks – Old 6X6 has been sold for $4,500.00.    New 6X6 – alternator has been fixed; flex pipe is on; rest of the work has not be done yet.  Phil Hanford made motion to approve up to $2,500 to get the new 6X6 painted by Martin Roger of Morley Collision.  Carolyn Towsley seconded.   Roll Call: Phil Hanford – yea; Elizabeth Carr – yea; Carolyn Towsley – yea; and John Boyd – yea.  Motion carried.  It was discussed to sell the tank, pump and reels.  Elizabeth Carr made the motion to sell the tank, pump, and reels starting offer at $2,500 and give the Fire Chief authority to negotiate a sale no lower than $1,500.  Carolyn Towsley seconded.   Roll Call: Phil Hanford – yea; Elizabeth Carr – yea; Carolyn Towsley – yea; and John Boyd – yea.   Motion carried.


Propane Decision – Only Holtons has put out their next year pricing.  Their pre-pay plan is for 2200 gallons estimated cost of $4,869.80.  We have until August 15, 2011 to sign an agreement with them.  Meanwhile Carolyn Towsley is to continue checking with other companies on pricing.  Most of them are trying to wait until the price lowers.


New Business


Fire Chief’s Report – Has been busy with fire runs, 14, since last meeting.  Insurance company wants some specific wording on our Water Rescue Boat SOG.  Carolyn Towsley was instructed that when she sends pictures of the enclosed propane tank and automatic turn off valve on diesel pump that she sends a copy of our current SOG and asked them what they are looking for. 


The fire department has a new firefighter, Charlie Walch.  Mike Metcalf has turned in a 90 day leave of absence.  Another person has failed the firefighters test twice, but is going to continue to train and study to take the test again at their cost.


Safety Report – There have been no reported injuries.  Firefighters did training on rapid intervention and team SCBA training.  All passed very well.


Maintenance Report – Truck 3-11pump needs to be repacked before pump tests.  It will cost about $800.  It is in the budget, so they should proceed to get it fixed.


First Responders Report – Al Brennan handed out a run comparison and they have been averaging the same over the last 2 ½ years.  State report filing has been on track. 


Truck 3-21 – Someone has offered $4,500 for this vehicle.  But to be fair, John Boyd said we must market it to see if we can get better offers.  The lights, ladders and valves will need to be removed before sale is finalized.  Elizabeth Carr moved to sell Truck 3-21 for $6,000 and give the Fire Chief authority to negotiate no lower than $4,500 with a non-refundable deposit of $1,000.  The truck should be put out in front of the fire hall for at least 10 days.  Phil Hanford seconded the motion.  Roll Call: Phil Hanford – yea; Elizabeth Carr – yea; Carolyn Towsley – yea; and John Boyd – yea.  Motion carried.


Seal Coat – Phil Hanford had received two quotes from Classic for hot rubber cracks with 2 coat coverage for $1,830 and regular seal coat with 2 coat coverage for $590.00.  Phil was asked to check what it would cost to wedge seal the problem areas and then we could possibly wait until next year to seal the parking lot.


The Fire Board asked Marv Bell to contact the fuel supplier, Van Mannen Fuel Group, to see if they would provide a double wall tank to make us environmentally friendly.


Air Compressor – It was moved by Phil Hanford to purchase an Ingersoll Rand air compressor at Tractor Supply, 60 gallon, upright at Tractor Supply up to $700.00.  Elizabeth Carr seconded.  Roll Call: Phil Hanford – yea; Elizabeth Carr – yea; Carolyn Towsley – yea; and John Boyd – yea.  Motion carried.


Brief Public Comment - Pancake Breakfast will be the Sunday after Labor Day.  Pig Roast would be during fire prevention week.


Announcements – None.


Correspondence – Carolyn Towsley said we received a letter from Mecosta County Emergency Management thank us for our support of the IED exercise on May 21.  She also handed out information on 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program which may be of interest to them.  She mentioned that a thank you letter was sent to Trans Canada USA for the memorial and pipes they provided for our propane enclosure.  Also she showed the article that had appeared in the Pioneer about the memorial dedication.


The next meeting will be September 21, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire Hall.


Adjournment - At 9:03 p.m. John Boyd declared the meeting closed.


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Carolyn Towsley, Secretary