JANURARY 18, 2012, 7PM



The meeting was called to order at 7:20pm, meeting was held at the Mecosta township Hall, 19729 11 Mile Road, Big Rapids, Mi.


Roll Call, present was John Boyd, Phil Hanford, Elizabeth Carr, and Greg Babbitt. Absent – Carolyn Towsley, Arturo Pierera


Pledge to the flag was given.


Additions to the Agenda - Under New Business: 5) Truck 3-12, 6) Truck 3-11, 7) 2012 Goals, 8) 2012-2013 Budget.


Approval of Agenda – Motion by Phil Hanford moved to approve amended Agenda, 2nd by Greg Babbitt. Motion carries.


Approval of the Minutes – Motion by Phil Hanford to approve the minutes, as given, from the November 16, and the December 1st meetings, 2nd by Greg Babbitt, vote was 4 yeas, 0 nays, 2 absent.


Treasurers Report – Accepted as given by Elizabeth Carr and entered into the official record. It was noted that the year end report be completed for the March 2012 meeting.

Additional bills for approval: Routley R.V. $16.00, Crouch Commucations $24 and $40, Insurance Place $773. and Medler Electric $62.56. For a total of $915.56.

Motion by Greg Babbitt, 2nd, by Phil Hanford, to pay additional bills. Roll Call: Greg – yea, Elizabeth – Yea, Phil – yea, John – yea, absent was Carolyn Towsley and Arturo Pierera, Motion carried.


Public Comment: - None


Chief Bell gave Resumes to John Boyd for Assistant Chief and Captains, received from Ron Palmer, Allen Brennan, Stephan Cook, and Mike Owens,

Fire Board committee will hold Interviews for all even year openings and make recommendations to Fire Board at March 2012 meeting. Committee is made up of the Chief, 3 Fire Fighters (5 yrs experience min.), and 3 Fire Board Members.

Committee will be: Marv Bell, Ron Palmer, Allen Brennan, Tom O’Neal, Phil Hanford, Greg Babbitt, and Carolyn Towsley.


            Interviews to be held on February 29, 2012, (Wednesday) at 6pm at the Fire Hall.


Old Business:


High Speed Internet – Charter Cable not available yet, cost depends on type of cable (fiber optic or regular).


Propane Tank – Purchase a Rebuilt Tank, cost of $1400.00. No decision, will discuss at joint Twp Meeting tomorrow night.


New 6 x 6: Lettering to be finished by end of February, Lights to be finished by end of February or early March. Truck must be ready by March 14, 2012 for DNR Inspection and put into service at that time. Chief Bell to get current Bid for 6 new tires.

Motion to spend up to $4500 for new tires, by Phil, 2nd by Greg,

Roll Call, Greg – yea, Elizabeth – yea, Phil – yea, and John Yea. 0 nays, absent was Carolyn Towsley and Arturo Pierera.

John Boyd will approve the purchase of the Tires after receiving the Bids to bring truck into compliance with D.O.T.


Truck 3-21, no offers at this time; truck is stored in the Mecosta Twp pole barn.         


Fuel Tank – Motion to lease a new Fuel Tank and Pump from Crystal Flash. Lease cost of $20.00 per year. (There may not be a charge)


Jaws of Life – Firemen to get a Press Release to The Pioneer on our New Jaws and Donation from the Eagles in Stanwood.


New Business:

Fire chiefs Report - Ridge Vent on Fire Hall Roof need to be repaired this spring. Hose cover on engine needs to be replaced, about $200 dollars. Porta-Tank liners a leaking, put new porta -tank on Short Term Goals list.


Safety & Training Report – No reported injuries, trained on New Jaws tools.

NIMS I S 700 Training on March 30, 2012.


Maintenance Report – working on DNR 6 x 6, should be finished by second                     week of March at the latest. Need to purchase Oil & Filters for annual oil changes on trucks & equipment.


MFR –Report – No Injuries


Truck 3-12 – Needs hose cover, (covered under Fire Chiefs Report.)


Truck 3-11 – Old Pumper, is now fully equipped as a First Responder Unit. Must license it with the State of Michigan as a Responder Unit.


2012 Goals -

Short Term Goals

a.   3 sets Turn Out Gear, $4500

    1. 2500 gal Porta – Tank, $1800

                  c.   2 sets Water Rescue Suits, $1600

                  d.   Parking Lot Repairs, Bids in the spring

                        Long Term Goals

                  a. Larger Water Rescue Boat – 14’ or 16’

                  B. Hi Band / 800 Radios (split band), 4 at $3750 ea.

                  C. Training Room – Grant Application (100%)

                  d. New Pumper – Grant Application (90 – 10 % split)

                  e. SCBA Tanks – 9 years left on current tanks. 





2012-2013 Budget -

Elizabeth to have New Budget ready for board approval at March Meeting.

Discussions on current budget, must have ready and correct to end year at March Meeting.


No Public Comment


Announcements - None


Correspondence - None


Next Meeting – Motion by John, 2nd by Greg to move March 21 meeting to March 28, 2012, 7pm at the Fire Hall to allow for payment of this years bills. 4 yeas, o nays, 2 absent, motion carried.


Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm by John Boyd, chairman.


Submitted by,



Phil Hanford, Acting Secretary