Mecosta Austin Fire Board


July 18, 2012


Chairman John Boyd called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Pledge to the flag was given.


Roll Call: John Boyd; Arturo Pierera; Elizabeth G. Carr; and Carolyn Towsley.  Absent Greg Babbitt and Phil Hanford.

Additions to the Agenda – None.


Approval of Agenda – Arturo Pierera moved that the Agenda be approved as presented.  Supported by Carolyn Towsley.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes – Elizabeth Carr moved the minutes be approved as presented.  Supported by Arturo Pierera.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report –Firemen Checking $52,406.94– Firemen Fund $921.23   Independent Bank $14,722.53.  Total Assets $68,050.70.  As of July 18, 2012.  First Responders Checking $11,465.90 as of July 18, 2012.  John Boyd said the report would be accepted as presented.

Carolyn Towsley moved to approve the bills: Fire Department checks #4617-4635 and EFT Payment and First Responders checks #1298-1309.  Arturo Pierera seconded.  Roll Call: Arturo Pierera – yea; Elizabeth Carr – yea; Carolyn Towsley – yea; and John Boyd – yea.  Motion carried.


Old Business

Propane/Natural Gas Status –All switched over to natural gas.  Furnace hooked up;, water heater and stove will be converted and hooked up this Saturday.  Need to call Resvor about converter for stove.  Holton’s has been called to pick up their tank and it has only about 5% fuel left in it.


New 6X6 – Pump went out after 15 minutes of pumping.  Checking out cost for repairs: Shaft $580, bearings $100/ea.  Waiting to see if the impeller is still good.  Transmission is slipping and they will check into this further.  Will get the costs to board for approval before next board meeting.


Parking Lot – No costs to date.  Getting price from Bob Parker and will get two more bids for next board meeting.


Internet Service –Switched over to Frontier.  Reports went through first time and fast.  It is a 3-year contract with possible $250 pre- paid credit cards to be sent in 3 and again 13 months into contract.  NetPort service needs to be cancelled.


Commercial Site Visits –Ron Palmer is still working on getting the details and costs together.  Will have for September meeting.


New Business

Providing Water Standard – Insurance company letter was read regarding liability issues.  At the next board meeting fire department will have a disclaimer put together on how water will be provided for a donation.


Fire Chief’s Report – Marv Bell reported there were 15-16 fire runs since last meeting and four of those were downed power lines.  Before the next meeting the ladder test will have been completed.  Pump testing will be done late August or early September.  This is the year for the 6 year maintenance on SCBA (self-containment breathing apparatus) and fitness tests which will cost about $2,100.  The ridge vent cost will be about $750.  But they are getting a second quote.  So decision on this will be next month.


Safety Report - Alan Brennan was not present.  Ron Palmer reported there were no injuries.  At Brower Park they had training on drafting water out of the river.  SCBA training will be done when it is cooler.  Two employees need one more pump training class and several others are up to date on the pump training.  On Saturday the fire department will have two trucks at the park and one at the church for the DAM Fest.


Maintenance Report – Steve Cook reported oil changes have been done.  Some light issues have been resolved.  He changed the A/C on Engine 3-12 and the boat motor issue has been resolved.


MFR Report –Runs:  May 11; June 12; July 11 to date.  Priority medical calls are down.  They have not had a lot of calls for heat exhaustion during this heat spell.


Brief Public Comment – Michael Owen reported that he had to resign from the fire department due to heart problems.


Announcements – None.


Correspondence – None.


The next meeting will be September 19, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire Hall.


Adjournment - At 8:15 p.m. John Boyd declared the meeting closed.


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Carolyn Towsley, Secretary