Mecosta Austin Fire Board

                                                             May 15, 2013



Chairman John Boyd called the meeting to order at 6:55 p.m.

Pledge to the flag was given.

Roll Call: John Boyd, Michelle Graham, Elizabeth G. Carr, John Conforte, and Greg Babbitt. Susan Sikkema was absent.

Additions to the Agenda: None.

Approval of Agenda: Moved by Michelle Graham, supported by John Conforte to approve the Agenda as presented. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes: Moved by John Conforte, supported by Michele Graham to approve the minutes with correction to the First Responder Budget-Supplies ($1000.00) and Truck Expense ($350.00). Motion carried.

Approval of the Treasurer’s Report: Accepted as presented.

Approval of the Bills: Moved by Greg Babbitt, supported by Michelle Graham to approve the payment of the bills.

Election of Fire Board Secretary: Tabled until the July meeting. Elizabeth G. Carr will be acting secretary until then.

Old Business:

Year End Settlement Report: Will be presented in July.

First Responder SOG Language: Moved by Greg Babbitt, supported by Elizabeth G. Carr to approve the addition/change of these wordings in SOG #4: “(completion of at least Firefighter 2 or equivalent)”, “Members shall be Firefighter I certified or have started Firefighter I within two years of their hire on date.”, and 2. MEDICAL RESCUE ONLY MEMBERS: These members will perform duties only directly related to Medical First Response. These members will always have a current Medical License issued by the State of Michigan. They will be required to have passed the Emergency Vehicle Driving Course. These members are allowed to drive only medical rescue vehicles. They will not be allowed to drive any of the fire apparatuses. These members shall not be allowed to hold any of the officer’s positions. There shall be a maximum of (5) five medical recue only members on the department at any given time. These (5) members will not be part of the maximum departmental membership.” Motion carried.

6x6: The 6x6 is up and running and in service. There are a few minor repairs that are needed yet. There will be more driving training given on the handling of the 6x6.

New Business:

Fire Chief’s Report: As of today we have two new firefighters: Emily Terpstra and Anthony Peacock.  They have passed Firefighter I & II, and Hazmat. We have one more application in waiting. The Fire Department will need to purchase two shirts, jackets, ties, and pins. The DTE meter is not working. Will be setting up a meeting with their technician. The light sensors on the doors are installed and working. Each set of doors operates independently of the other. The Fire Department and First Responders will split the cost.

Safety and Training Report: There are no injuries to report. Very proud of Emily and Anthony passing their tests. They did very well. The dry hydrants were flushed except at Buffalo Park. It is still too wet there. The Incident Command Board has been ordered. It comes with rings and we already have clips.

Maintenance Report: Everything is working. We had to replace the pump housing on truck 332.

MFR Report: The  per run money should be in by the end of the month. The MFR class has been cancelled. We are hoping they will schedule another one in the fall. There were the standard number and type of calls this month. There were 21 runs since the last meeting. The County may be implementing a $0.50/run fee that will go to the Director for report reviews. The money will be deducted from the amount we receive from the county. 

The next meeting will be July 17, 2013.

Meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.