September 17, 2014 / UNAPPROVED

I.                   Meeting called to order: 7:00 p.m.

II.                 Pledge to the Flag

III.              Roll call: John Boyd, Greg Babbitt, Elizabeth Carr, Michele Graham, Susan Sikkema.     Absent: John Brockway.

IV.              Additions to Agenda: None

V.                Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Babbitt, 2nd by Graham to approve the agenda as written.


Approved – 5                 Unapproved – 0                      Motion carried.


VI.              Approval of Minutes:  Motion was made to approve the July 2014 minutes as written by Carr, 2nd by Graham.

Approved – 5                  Unapproved – 0                   Motion carried.

VII.           Treasurer report: Report accepted as given and entered into the official record.


Greg Babbitt joined the meeting 7:08 p.m.


VIII.         Approval of Bills: Motion to approve the Fire Department bills (with the addition of Consumers – $134.35, Feed & Need - $2.99, City of Big Rapids - $96.75) in the amount of $3,151.47 and the First Responders bill (with the addition of $17.33) in the amount of $242.62 made by Graham and 2nd by Babbitt.


Roll call: Graham – yes, Babbitt – yes, Carr – yes, Brockway – yes, Boyd – yes, Sikkema – yes.                                  Motion carried.


IX.              Brief public comment: None

X.                 Old Business:

1.     SOG 48: Standard Operating Guidelines was summited with noted changes.  Under additional Statements (F) “The department will give the candidate 24 months to obtain Company Officer 1&2 for those wishing to further advance to an officer’s position.  Those who wish to advance to the Company Officer 3 level will be given an additional 24 months to advance to an administrative level of training.” 


A motion was made by Carr, 2nd by Graham to accept the amended (9/2014) SOG#48 and to be entered into the official record.


Approved – 6                      Unapproved – 0          Motion carried.


2.     Aptitude Test: The Board is in agreement that new candidates for the fire department need to pass an Aptitude test before being accepted.  Alan Brenan stated Ron Palmer is looking into finding a sample aptitude test that can be used and will summit to the Board.


XI.              New Business:

1.     Fire Chiefs Report: Chief Bell stated that the Ladder and Pump testing was completed.  Engine 3-12 needs a master valve replaced. Also he was told that tires on the Fire truck needs inspection which would cost $25.00.

Pig Roast will be October 25th, 2014   12:00 to 4:00 p.m.


2.     Safety and Training Report: There have been no reported injuries. Four Fire Fighters enrolled in Company Officer 1 & 2 – the total cost will be $600.00. Extrication tool training and truck and appliance training at Brower Park.


3.     Maintenance Report: Was covered under the Chief’s report.


4.     MFR Report:  There were a total of 43 runs as of July 17, 2014.  Report will be entered into the official record.


XII.            Brief Public Comment: Carr stated that John Conforte has resigned from the due to illness.  He was a member of the Fire Board for many years and will be greatly missed.


John Boyd state that the pancake breakfast went very well.  Chief Bell stated they were very busy and had to get more supplies to accommodate the residence that showed up.


XIII.         Correspondence: None

XIV.         Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn was made by Boyd, 2nd by Babbitt.


Meeting adjourned: 7:35 p.m.


Susan Sikkema

Mecosta Twp. Clerk