MAY 20, 2015


I.                   Meeting called to order at 7:15 p.m.


II.                Pledge to the Flag.

III.             Roll Call: John Boyd, Michele Graham, Susan Sikkema, Elizabeth Carr, and John Brockway. Absent: Gregg Babbitt.


IV.              Election of Board Officers: Moved by John Brockway, supported by Michele Graham to move the bookkeeping for the Mecosta Austin Fire Department and First Responders from Austin Township to Mecosta Township, and for the board officer positions to be: Chair-John Boyd, Vice-Chair-Michele Graham, Secretary-Elizabeth Carr, and Treasurer-Susan Sikkema.

Michele Graham-yes                                      Susan Sikkema-yes                         John Brockway-yes                                        Elizabeth Carr-yes             

John Boyd-yes.

Motion carried.


V.                 Moved by Michele Graham, supported by John Boyd to approve the agenda. Motion carried.


VI.              Minutes: Moved by Elizabeth Carr, supported by Michele Graham to approve the Interview for Fire Chief Minutes. Motion carried.

March 18, 2015 Minutes: Minutes accepted as given.


VII.           Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report accepted as given.


VIII.        Approval of Bills: Moved by John Brockway, supported by Michele Graham to approve the bills as presented.                        

Susan Sikkema-yes                                         Michele Graham-yes

John Brockway-yes                                        Elizabeth Carr-yes

John Boyd-yes


IX.              Brief Public Comment: None.


X.                 Old Business:

1.      Aptitude Test: Legally we are not allowed to do our own aptitude testing. It would cost $100.00 per person to contract it out. We are an at will employer. We have a probation period and can release any unsuitable applicant during that period. We will not be pursuing aptitude testing any further.

2.      Year End Report: The Fire Department final settlement was $2,023.05. The First Responder final settlement was $22,474.71. There will be another $400.00 subtracted from the Fire Department final settlement to pay Susan Sikkema her clerical wages. She wishes to donate her wages to the Fireman’s Fund instead of leaving them in the general budget.


XI.              New Business:

1.      Pool Filling: Moved by Susan Sikkema, supported by Michele Graham to reinstate pool filling. Motion carried. The pool filling is a good training exercise and a great good-will community gesture. The Fire Department has a no-asphalt and no-yard policy for the Fire truck.

2.      Fire Chief’s Report: All of the coats and pants are here. Three were sent in the wrong size. The company will replace them at no cost. The bathroom is done. We will not be charging for good-intent calls and false alarm calls.

3.      Safety and Training Report: Training has been completed at Trans Canada and Brower Park. Pump and operations training are completed also.

4.      Maintenance Report: The regulator went out on the old grass rig and the alternator had to be repaired. Also two batteries that were boiling over had to be repaired.

5.      MFR Report: Run reimbursement will be $755.81. There were 23 runs.


XII.           1.   Two-wheel Cart: There is an antique two-wheel cart in the shed. The shed is

      deteriorating and ruining the cart. The Fire Department will get estimates to

      restore the cart and display it on a slab.


XIII.        Adjourned at 8:02 p.m.   


      Elizabeth G Carr


      Austin Township Clerk