SEPTEMBER 15, 2015


I.                   Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

II.                Roll Call: John Boyd, Michele Graham, Elizabeth G Carr, Susan Sikkema, John Brockway, and Greg Babbitt.


III.             Additions to the Agenda: Scratch out #1 under New Business.


IV.              Approval of the Agenda: Moved by Michele Graham, supported by Susan Sikkema to approve the revised agenda. Motion carried.


V.                  Approval of the Minutes: Moved by Susan Sikkema, supported by Michele Graham to accept the minutes as given. Motion carried.


VI.              Treasurer’s Report: I have received the billing for the new radios. I will be transferring money from Contingency to New Equipment to cover the cost of the radios. The total amount of expenditures was $9,932.51. Report accepted as given.


VII.           Approval of the Bills: Moved by Michele Graham, supported by Susan Sikkema to approve bill payment for $2,360.07 for the First Responders and $7,572.44 for the Fire Department for a total of $9,932.51. Susan Sikkema-yes, Michele Graham-yes, John Brockway-yes, Elizabeth Carr-yes, Greg Babbitt-yes, and John Boyd-yes.


VIII.        Public Comment: None


IX.              Old Business:


1.      New Radios: Four radios are in but each department has to have an individual template. We will receive the radios after they are done installing it. There is one more radio ordered from funding by the townships.

2.      Fire Chief’s Report: The Rescue truck will now be carrying a nasal spray used to counteract the effects of a drug overdose. Rescue will need to install a locked box in the cab to secure and store the spray. It must be secured at all times in a climate controlled environment. The box will be coded and bolted to the interior of the cab. Rescue has also had to set up their own account with Bounty Medical Supply Company. The dry hydrant on 11 Mile appears to have a crack in the pipe. It is bubbling when in use. The Fire Department will investigate the extent and if it needs to be fixed now or next spring. We had to purchase a siren controller for Tender 2. It will be $200.00 out of Equipment Repair.

3.      Maintenance Report: Replaced the modulator on Grass Rig 1. Engine 2 had a headlight replaced and three batteries.

4.      MFR Report: Run reimbursement will be $885.42 at $26.04/run. The State mandated training to handle the drug reversal product, Narcan, will be tomorrow night, September 16th. There were a total of 36 runs. The Ice Mountain emergency response plan is all finished. The pancake breakfast was a little slow this year due to the nice weather. The Mecosta Austin Fire and Rescue have been asked to participate with the Morley Fire Department in Fire Week at the Morley Stanwood Elementary School. Next year the Department would like for Bio Care to come do the physicals again. The cost would be $3,000.00-5,000.00.

5.      Public Comment: Steve has been looking into developing a program to work with the High School. It would be along the lines of distracted driving seminar. He has approached many different agencies in the county and all have said they would be happy to participate. It is still very much in the planning stages.

X.                 Adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


Elizabeth G Carr


Mecosta Austin Fire Board Secretary