The Austin Township Meeting was called to order at 7:37p.m. on February 10, 2009, by Supervisor Kenneth Vredenburg at the Township Hall at 14132 Pierce Road, Stanwood, Michigan. Members present: Kenneth Vredenburg, Carolyn Towsley, John Conforte, John Brockway, and Elizabeth Carr. Four guests were present.


Public Comment: None


Motion was made by John Brockway and supported by Carolyn Towsley to approve the minutes with corrections.  Motion carried.


The general fund, fire, and cemetery reports were given. Chemical Bank CD # 6422101516 was renewed as CD# 6422131448 at 2.96% to mature 7-23-10.  All of the other CD accounts are current and up-to-date. Moved by Kenn Vredenburg, supported by John Conforte to accept the treasurer’s report subject to audit.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Carolyn Towsley and supported by John Brockway to approve and pay the bills for the township.  Motion carried.


Fire Dept. Report: There has been some response from the contact at Consumers Energy about the fifty-year drought study.  We are waiting to see if the report Consumers is supposed to send will satisfy the requirements of the ISO board. The firemen presented their Future Funding List for 2009 to the Fire Board. They are trying to keep the list down to needs instead of wants.


Assessor’s & Supervisor’s Report:  The Board of Review will meet on March 9, 2009 from 9-4 p.m. and March 11, 2009 from 1-4 and 6-9 p.m.  There is a change to the tax law at the gas fields.  They will be allowed to change their tax status from industrial personal to utility personal. This means they won’t have to pay the18 mils taxes. For the township this means our 1% administration fee will be cut by $900.00. Kenn talked to Bob Baldwin about setting up our own website. Bob thinks we could set it up for approximately $350.00 and he is willing to help us with set-up and the education needed to administrate the sight. Moved by Kenn Vredenburg, and supported by Carolyn Towsley to allow up to $500.00 to set up our own website.  Motion carried. Please submit suggestions for the website to Kenn.  Community Corrections contacted us to see if we need any worker’s for the coming work season. There will be a flood plan meeting at the next Mecosta Township Association Meeting at the Morton Township Hall on April 27, 2009 at 7 p.m.


Treasurer’s Report:  The contract from Chippewa Hills school district came through. Carolyn had already received the contract from the Morley –Stanwood School District.

Superintendent Linda Myers informed the Morley-Stanwood school board that she would be retiring effective the end of June. Carolyn attended the Mecosta Co. Road Commission Meeting. There will be major construction on M-20 between Big Rapids and Remus.  April 1- June 1 there will be one lane open from Mecosta to 9 Mile Rd.  From June 8-August 1 there will be a detour in place for the section between 9 Mile and 170th. Ave.  From August 8-to finish there will be one lane open for the section between 50th Ave. and Poe St. The county will post the detour route on their website and put up signs. The Mecosta County Leadership Day was very informative and interesting.  The group met with Darwin Booher and Michelle McManus while at the Capitol.  Michelle McManus is term limited in the Senate and will run for Secretary of State at the next election.


Moved by Carolyn Towsley to keep the 1% administration fee for the taxes. The motion died for lack of support.


Moved by Kenn Vredenburg and supported by John Brockway to not collect the 1% administration fee for 2009.

Kenn Vredenburg-yes                                         John Brockway-yes

John Conforte-no                                                Carolyn Towsley-no

Elizabeth Carr-no

We will still collect the 1% administration fee.


Moved by John Brockway and supported by Carolyn Towsley for the Township of Austin to pay the Mecosta-Austin Fire Department the total amount of $30,000.00 in one payment instead of three. This amount is Austin Township’s share of the running budget for the Mecosta Austin Fire Department.  Motion carried.


Moved by John Brockway and supported by Carolyn Towsley for Resolution 2009-01 to adopt the guidelines for poverty exemptions.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned.


Elizabeth G. Carr