The Austin Township Board Meeting was called to order on June 12, 2012 at 7:40 p.m. by Supervisor Kenneth Vredenburg at the Township Hall at 14132 Pierce Road, Stanwood, MI, 49346.

Present were: Kenneth Vredenburg, Elizabeth G. Carr, Carolyn Towsley, John Conforte, and John Brockway. There were two guests present.

Public Comment: Commissioner Ray Steinke commented that the Hospital merger is still in process.

Minutes: Moved by Carolyn Towsley, supported by John Conforte to accept the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Financial Report: I have received and deposited the Revenue Sharing check of $18,000.00. The Buchanan Road Project money has been transferred from the ChemFlex account to the checking account and the check has been written. There is $1,459.33 left in the ChemFlex account. $2,000.00 has been moved to the Savings Account to pay bills. We have not received the Delinquent Tax payments yet. $6,472.00 has been moved to the Fire Department CD. That is the amount of their 2011-2012 Fund Balance left over. Moved by John Brockway, supported by Elizabeth G. Carr to accept the Financial Report. Carried subject to audit.

Payment of the Bills: Presented for payment-Austin Township check #’s 7754-7773 and Cemetery check #’s 1444-1447. Presented for review-Mecosta Austin Fire Department check #’s 4614-4624 and First Responder check #’s 1295-1298. I am waiting for a detailed invoice on a bill I received from Mecosta County General Hospital on fit tests for the Fire Department. The bill will be paid when I receive the invoice. Moved by John Conforte, supported by John Brockway to approve the payment of the bills. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business:

1. Fire Department and First Responders: The surplus balance of their 2011-2012 Fiscal Year has been moved to their CD. The title has been received on the new 6x6. The old diesel tank was sold by sealed bids to the highest bidder. Kenn Vredenburg purchased the diesel tank for $505.00. There have been 18 fire runs since the last meeting. Mike Owen had to have six stints put in. The Fire Department received a call from Frontier that high speed internet was now available to them. The Fire Board was polled and a decision was made to accept the offer that was presented by Frontier. We will be paying approximately $20 more for phone and internet than we were previously with dial up. The insurance company was contacted and there is a liability to fill swimming pools with the tanker and receiving donations for this service. The Fire Board will review the policy at the next meeting.

2. Assessor/Supervisor Report: The State is moving forward with limitations on the personal property tax exemption. This will entail a $15,000.00-$18,000.00 drop in revenue for the Township. The Board of Review will meet July 17, 2012 for Clerical Errors and Hardship Exemptions. The Homestead deadline will now be June 1st and November 1st. The Treasurer and Assessor will be updating their systems to the BS& on Thursday.

3. Treasurer’s Report: The Austin Township Newsletters are all printed and sent to the County to be inserted with the tax mailings. The Mecosta County Township Association’s meeting will be July 23, 2012 at 7 p.m. at Martiny Township. There will be a potluck at 6 p.m.


preceding the meeting. Invitations have been sent to the August Primary candidates to come and speak to the MCTA that evening.

4. Clerk’s Report: The new Voter ID cards have been printed and mailed. We are beginning to receive the correction cards back in the mail. The QVF is not recognizing some of our addresses that are not Stanwood. In the ‘Polling place’ ‘Austin Township Hall" is listed with the post office box number instead of the street address. We have received our reimbursement check from the MOISD for the School Election in May.

New Business:

1. Hazardous Waste: Moved by Carolyn Towsley, supported by John Brockway to contribute $300.00 to the Mecosta County Conservation District Hazardous Waste Clean-up. The pickup site will be at the Senior Center on October 13, 2012. Motion carried.

2. Internet/Phone: We have received a packet from Frontier for high speed internet and phone service. We are also reviewing a proposal from Verizon. We will be discussing with Wild Blue what the penalty would be to break our contract with them.

Adjournment 9:03 p.m.

Austin Township Clerk

Elizabeth G. Carr