The Austin Township Board Meeting was called to order on June 11, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor Kenneth Vredenburg at the Township Hall at 14132 Pierce Rd, Stanwood, MI, 49346.

Present were Kenneth Vredenburg, Elizabeth G. Carr, Carolyn Towsley, John Brockway, and John Conforte. There were two guests present.

Public Comment: Gloria Parker inquired as to the state of the culvert on 170th.

Minutes: Moved by John Conforte, supported by John Brockway to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Finance Report: Due to illness the auditor was unable to come complete the work on the discrepancies between the clerk and the treasurer balance sheets. We have received our Revenue Sharing check. The First Responders received their first Quarterly Share check. A couple of plots were sold at the Cemetery. CD#1448 will expire in July. The treasurer will shop for the best rate to roll over the CD. The Finance Report was accepted subject to audit.

Payment of the Bills: Moved by Kenneth Vredenburg, supported by Carolyn Towsley to contribute $300.00 to Hazardous Waste. Motion carried. Moved by John Brockway, supported by John Conforte to pay: Township check #’s 8017-8030 and Cemetery check #’s1479-1482, and to present for review Fire Department check #’s 4765-4776 and First Responder check # 1361. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business:

1. Fire Department and First Responder Report: The Fire Board Meeting will be tomorrow night, Wednesday June 12th. DTE settled with us for the unmetered amount we owed at $465.22. The only amount we had been paying was meter rental fee.

2. Assessor/Supervisor Report: The July Board of Review meeting will be July 9th. The State Legislature is considering a new bill that would exempt veterans from property taxes.

3. Treasurer’s Report: The summer newsletter is finished and delivered to the county to go in the Summer tax bill statements. Tax season will start on July 1st. The new BS&A update has been applied to the program.

4. Clerk’s Report: Moved by Kenneth Vredenburg, supported by Carolyn Towsley to pay $99.00 to send the clerk to the Accounting and Payroll Seminar. The auditor was scheduled to be here May 28, 2013 to reconcile the clerk’s ledger with the treasurer per the changing of bank accounts and to do the F-65 audit. Unfortunately, he had to take a rain check due to illness.

5. Cemetery: Moved by Carolyn Towsley, supported by Elizabeth G. Carr to pay up to $800.00 to complete the code upgrades to the accessory building and pump at the Cemetery. If we pass inspection tomorrow Consumers will be hooking the electric back up. The Supervisor will be writing a letter contesting codes as applied to this situation. Mecosta Township will also be presented with this information.

New Business:

1. FYI: John Conforte will be resigning his position on the Walton Erickson Library Board.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Elizabeth G. Carr

Austin Township Clerk