The Austin Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Kenneth Vredendburg at the Township Hall at 14132 Pierce Road, Stanwood, Michigan, 49346 on May 12, 2015 at 7:31 p.m.

Present were: Kenneth Vredenburg, Elizabeth G Carr, Carolyn Towsley, John Brockway, and Sandra Mayo. There were three guests present.

Public Comment:

 Commissioner Art Adelman-Paul Bullock’s City Manager contract was renewed. The new 800 MHz radio training was completed in March. The radios will arrive next week. The new radios will work with the older radios of the local Fire Departments and First Responders until their radios are updated. The morgue will be ready as soon as a larger table arrives. The Hardy Pond Bike Trail route has been established.

Pete Kailing, DNR: Pete Kailing manages the Mecosta, Oceana, and Newaygo County areas and oversees the wildlife quotas. Most of the game areas here are purchased with designated money and are restricted from unlimited quad access. Better signs will be put up that designate the foot traffic only trails and the quad designated roads. The DNR recently completed a timber sales analysis and will begin the project next year.

Ken Lind, Insurance: Insurance review-package covers building, property, board action liability, general liability, electronic data processing, home and in a vehicle during transit, and auto liability while on township business.

Minutes: Moved by Sandra Mayo, supported by Carolyn Towsley to accept the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: The Township received the county revenue check. The Fire Department has received both contribution checks from the townships. The Fire Board will need to make a motion to move the rest of the money left over from the 2014-2015 fiscal year into their savings account. The Cemetery also received both of the contribution checks from the townships. Moved by Kenneth Vredenburg, supported by Sandra Mayo to accept the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit. Motion carried.

Payment of the Bills: Moved by John Brockway, supported by Carolyn Towsley to approve for payment Township check #’s 8473-8499 and Cemetery check #’s 1527-1529 and to present for review Fire Department check #’s 5037-5048 and First Responder check #’s 1503-1505. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business:

1.       Fire Department and First Responder Report: The next Fire Board Meeting will be May 20, 2015 at 7 p.m. We have the form to change the credit card from Marv’s name to Ron’s name. There is a mailbox at the Fire Hall now to facilitate the transfer of mailed bills to the Fire Department for Ron to review.

2.       Assessor and Supervisor how the GIS works. The Cemetery Board accepted the bid of Lewis Fountain from Mecosta to mow the Cemetery at $1,500.00 per season, but he can bill up to six hours at $25.00.

3.       Treasurer’s Report: The Metro Act Account has been set up through the savings account. There will be a thank you piece to Marv Bell in the newsletter. 28-30 stickers have been handed out to Austin Township residents at the Morton Township Recycling. The Mecosta County Hazardous Waste Day is October 10, 2015.

4.       Clerk’s Report: We received a thank you note from Morton Township for our contribution to the library. MTA on the Road will be in Big Rapids on June 16th. Four board members will be attending. Moved by Carolyn Towsley, supported by Elizabeth G Carr to accept Doug Wohlberg’s proposal to be the auditor for the next three years. Motion carried.

5.       Casair: The Township has not been able to resolve their Metro Act application yet.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.


Elizabeth G Carr


Austin Township Clerk