The Austin Township Board Meeting was called to order on July 8, 2014 by Supervisor Kenneth Vredenburg at 7:35 p.m. at the Township Hall at 14132 Pierce Road, Stanwood, 49346.

Present were: Kenneth Vredenburg, Elizabeth G Carr, Carolyn Towsley, John Conforte, and John Brockway.

Public comment: Candidate James J Sims II for Judge of the 77th District presented his information and goals for this district.

Minutes: Moved by John Conforte, supported by John Brockway to accept the minutes with corrections. Financial Report should read:”There will be $3.50 left in Accounts Receivables that is outstanding Personal Property taxes that needs to be collected.” Also New Business #5: Cleaning: FYI- the Township will be switching custodial work at the hall from Johnny D Shetler to Melvin Wheaver for the sum of $25.00 per cleaning.” Motion carried.

Financial Report: The Township has a discrepancy of $175.00 showing up in the old Chemical Bank account; also the Taxes Receivables need to be cleared from the Balance Sheet. The correct balance is $303,574.59. The Fire Department has a $15.00 discrepancy in the Independent Bank CD. The correct balance is $63,544.93. The First Responders have a discrepancy of $16.56 due to an overpayment to the 941 taxes. The correct balance is $18,492.92.

Payment of the Bills: Moved by John Brockway, supported by Carolyn Towsley to approve for payment Township check#’s 8260-8276 and Cemetery check#’s 1507-1509 and to present for review Fire Departments check #’s 4926-4933 and First Responder check’#’s 1435-1436. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business:

1.       Fire Department and First Responder Report: The next Fire Board meeting is July 16th at 7:30 p.m. All of the paperwork has been submitted to Isabella Bank for the credit card. Austin Township still has concerns about the safety of the card. Who will be the signee on the card? What is the bank’s policy if it is stolen?

2.       Assessor and Supervisor’s Report: There is another junk report being processed. The Board of Review will be July 23rd.

3.       Treasurer’s Report: 3.5% of taxes have been paid by 11% of the taxpayers. Gary Lambrix will be running for the Road Commission. The Road Commission will not be doing any road paving this year and will starting some lay-offs.  Big Rapids Public School is planning to operate a virtual school.

4.       Clerk’s Report: We received our membership letter from MTA and our membership sticker. Election Inspector training will be on July 30th from 2-5 pm. We received a packet of information from Walton Erickson Library at their Appreciation Reception. I have an appointment with Lois Skiera to review the Clerk’s QuickBooks’s accounts and provide assistance. The next Mecosta Township Association Meeting will be July 28th at High Banks Park in Big Rapids. Potluck will be at 6:30 pm and the meeting will start at 7 pm.

5.       Roads: The quote of $34,906.94 from the Road Commission to gravel 9 mile Road came in significantly lower than the original projected price. We received our Metro Act check of $3,500.00 which can be applied to this project.

6.       GIS: The County did approve to participate in the GIS program.


Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Elizabeth G Carr


Austin Township Clerk