The Austin Township Board Meeting was called to order May 13,  2014 by Supervisor Kenneth Vredenburg 7:37 p.m. at the Township Hall at 14132 Pierce Road, Stanwood, MI, 49346.

Present were: Kenneth Vredenburg, Elizabeth G Carr, Carolyn Towsley, John Conforte, and John Brockway.

Public Comment: Carolyn Towsley-The Mecosta County Development Authority is looking for two residents to offer outside analysis of their proposed projects. Kenneth Vredenburg-Work on the Morgue continues to move forward. The County will be putting in more parking at Davis Bridge.

Minutes: Moved by Carolyn Towsley, supported by John Brockway to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Financial Report: The Isabella CD that expired has been moved to a FirstBank CD. Both FirstBank Cd’s will expire in 2015. The Fire Department and the Cemetery Fee checks from Austin and Mecosta Townships have been received and deposited. The First Responder Balance Sheet is off by $216.66. An incorrect amount was entered into the EFTPS. Moved by John Conforte, supported by John Brockway to accept the Financial Report as presented. Approved subject to audit.

Payment of the Bills: Moved by John Brockway, supported by Carolyn Towsley to approve the payment of Township check #’s 8227-8242 and Cemetery #’s 1500-1504 and to present for review Fire Department check #’s 4906-4915 and First Responder check #’s 1422-1432. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business:

1.      Fire Department and First Responder Report: The next Fire Board Meeting will be May 21, 2014 at 7 p.m.

2.      Assessor and Supervisor’s Report: The Commissioners will be having meetings about Pollution Control and Devices. They welcome public comment on areas of concern. There will be a GIS meeting May 27, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at Mecosta Township. They did not receive their grant and will require assistance from the Townships if the program goes forward.

3.      Treasurer’s Report: The newsletter is almost ready. They are due June 2nd at the Court House. The next Mecosta Township Association Meeting will be July 28th at Big Rapids Township at the Highbanks Park. The Potluck will start at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will start at 7 p.m. The Economic Development Authority and the Chamber of Commerce will share the presentation.

4.      Clerk’s Report: We have received thank you notes from both Morton and Walton Erickson Public Libraries for our contributions. We are invited to an appreciation reception at Walton Erickson Public Library on June 18, 2014 from 7-8 p.m. There is a chart available on the proposed EVIP Legislation for your review from the Legislative Action Day in Lansing. The Make-A- Wish Foundation has asked permission to use our parking lot from 6-9 a.m. on July 28, 2014 as a refreshment center for their bicycle fundraising event. They provide their own liability insurance to cover the event. They will drop off a couple of porta- potties on Friday night and pick them back up on Sunday. There are several changes and updates to the election laws. The Election Commission is supposed to be involved in every aspect of the Public Accuracy Test unless the Township Board appoints someone to participate in place of an Election Commission member. If you do not have your picture ID with you at the polls you will still be allowed to sign the affidavit on the back of the application to vote, but your ballot will be considered a challenged ballot until the clerk can verify your identity.

New Business:

1.      Casair: Austin Township will be writing a letter to Casair in support of them installing a tower in this area.

2.      Cemetery Sign: The Cemetery Board approved the purchase of a sign for the Stanwood Cemetery. The cost will be approximately $300.00.

3.      The Planning Commission is updating and reviewing their Master Plan. They will have a meeting June 5th at 6 p.m. Upon review Austin Township has no changes to suggest other than verifying the accuracy of the maps.

Adjourned at 9 p.m.


Elizabeth G Carr


Austin Township Clerk